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Spirituality Essay:

Reconciliation 1 of 2    ( November 2004 )

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I worry greatly that this tightly contested election has exacerbated polarization of our nation. Karl Rove, wedge- issues, win-at-all-cost politics, and the appeal to fear have taken an increasingly divided electorate (split it seems between secular and religious bases) and put a chasm so fearful

and distrustful of the other side, that we'll need all the king's horses and all the king's men to put us together again.

I worry also that the one-half of the country whose candidate loses will so greatly resent their loss that more unchecked vitriol will flow . . . and the nation's basic civility, optimism, and cohesiveness will be severely challenged. Our country - and the world - needs everyone's healing energy.

What can each of us do? Bringing this need into our consciousness is a powerful first start; what you can then do will start appearing, I'm sure.

For me, working to understand "the other side." . . . why do they believe and feel that way . . . always softens my fear and distrust, and helps me feel my human commonality with everyone. Remembering that we always tend to "muddle through" . . . human nature has powerful checks and balances . . . and that despite short-term ups and downs, the world is always getting better; that knowledge helps give me perspective and hope. And holding good thoughts (prayers for the country, if you will) - and visualizing them - during my meditations creates whole new comforting, healing feelings.

We UUs have unique gifts - being spiritual and liberal. The world needs greatly needs our special healing energy right now.

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