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Spirituality Essay:

Ethical Holiday Consumption    ( December 2005 )

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Many of us are bothered by the ugly splash of materialism and consumption we Americans seem addicted to . . . that goes haywire in December. We're only 6% of the world's population, but consume 30% of the earth's resources. Aren't the holidays supposed to promote spiritual connections, family, serenity? Do we really need all those toys, diversions, opulence?

For many of us, the traditional holiday customs of gift- giving puts us in a quandary. We want to share our love and caring with gifts for our loved ones, yet are horribly turned off by the commercialization, the "it's-Christmas-so-you-have- to-give-something" expectations, the retail frenzy and insanity, and the inevitable most of us can ill afford. Whatever spiritual meaning the holidays might hold gets compromised by our culture's push for materialistic gluttony.

Here are some ideas that might help soften that annual dilemma:

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